our beliefs...

we believe that consultation and training is about education, freedom and empowering individuals to take responsibility for themselves, their organizations and their communities.

we believe in social justice and we recongnize that we are far from it in regards to ourselves, our organizations, our communites, our larger society and our government. ultimately if our work isn't focused on liberation than we are contributing to a society that we already feel is corrupt. a just society is our goal, but social justice is about how we live and how we relate to each other as much as it is about transforming the systems that foster injustice and oppression.

we believe that social justice goes beyond tolerance, beyond diversity and is truly about revolution, transforming lives, creating change in our communities to realize a society that is safe for all people and just in its application of rights and benefits, and is responsible in the distribution of wealth and resources so that all people can live to their fullest potential.

we believe that our work is first steps and small steps in that we support organizations and groups of people to think strategically about the directions in which they want to move, grow or change. we can't do the work for you or your organization, though we do work to support you and facilitate you through a process of growth and change.